We feel happy when we know the whole of it

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Every now and then we meet new people. Before we get to know them well, new people arrive. It seems days after days the people we spend time with are a kind of living being who does not have an inner self — only an outer shell-which quickly catches our attention, and only leaves a shadow on our mind. A nameplate is hanging behind their armchair, and they are sitting lazily on it — they don’t exist elsewhere only on it. …

Is it really worth so much attention

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Love stories are the most exciting and popular topic of discussion among us for centuries. I don’t know of a topic that has got so much attention in the history of mankind. A vast amount of literature in every language is dedicated to the stories of love and affection. Most of the songs that were ever written were about making or breaking of love. Among plays and movies, if you want to find any subject other than love, you really have to put in a considerable amount of effort.

Why are we so much obsessed about love?

Why do we…

Google “News Showcase” will benefit both publishers and readers

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The existence of Google is already a blessing to humanity. Google search has made our life so much easier that we prefer more to search for content in Google than in our own folder. It is really hard to find such excellent evidence of the democratization of information.

Google has gifted us with lots of wonderful products and services including — Google Search, YouTube, Google News, Google Finance, Google Books, Google Translate, Gmail, Google Drive, Google Meet, and hundreds more.

Google News is a news aggregator service developed and released in 2002. By 2015, Google was offering this service in…

Steps for successful completion of a predictive model

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The web is already flooded by data science and machine learning related resources nowadays. There are numerous blogs, websites, YouTube videos, and forums that are providing useful information regarding data science related topics. Now it has become tedious to choose the right material for any data science quest.

When I started my journey in data science, a few years back, I faced the same dilemma. But one thing I observed in most of these resources they are not complete. You have to traverse through a number of resources to get exhaustive information.

Also, I saw a lack of real-life perspective…

You should start from the end to do it right at your first attempt

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Computer vision is a popular area of artificial intelligence nowadays. Object detection is a particular task in computer vision. It helps machines to identify a particular set of objects without the help of human eyes. Many applications like — face detection for surveillance in the protected areas, footfall counting in a store, object detection with tracking to estimate the speed of a vehicle, fault detection in a product in the manufacturing industries, etc. — are using object detection techniques.

In different social media, I saw many machine learning enthusiasts are trying out different object detection techniques and sharing their results.

Overcome the barriers of communication and be an effective communicator to achieve your desired goal

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We are living in an era when technology has revolutionized the communication system. As a result, have we have submerged into communication devices. It is the fastest growing industry in the world.

Mobiles, Tablets, Laptops, Desktops, Televisions— all these devices are throwing information at us in a humongous volume. Communication mediums like — Blogs, Websites, TV Channels, Movies, Streaming Services, FM Channels, Podcasts — are trying out most to catch our attention.

It is really difficult for us to pay attention to all of them. …

A handy collection for the data scientists

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Business analytics and data science is a convergence of many fields of expertise. Professionals form multiple domains and educational backgrounds are joining the analytics industry in the pursuit of becoming data scientists.

Two kinds of data scientist I met in my career. One who provides attention to the details of the algorithms and models. They always try to understand the mathematics and statistics behind the scene. Want to take full control over solution and the theory behind it. The other kind are more interested in the end result without looking at the theoretical details. They are fascinated by the implementation…

Things l learned from my first experience of curation and selection by the largest active publication in Medium

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I am writings this story to tell you that “You can do it!”. If I, being a newbie in Medium, can publish my story in The Startup — the largest active publication in Medium, you definitely can.

If my story can get curated in topics, yours will too.

I joined Medium two months from now. I published eleven stories before the latest one. None of them got curated. I was wondering what it takes to get a story curated in Medium.

There are some standard guidelines in Medium. I tried to follow all of them. It was challenging to follow…

A tested recipe for fast learning

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Technology keeps changing at a fast pace. We need to catch the speed. Otherwise, our skills will be obsolete. So, as a professional, we need strategies to cope up in this changing scenario. Fast learning capability can be a big savior in this case.

I learned the R package and SPSS while I was in university. During my research tenure, I had to learn MATLAB. I had some knowledge of C programming too. But I had never encountered Python. It was like an alien programming language to me until five years back.

I had the impression that Python is more…

It liberates your mind as a person, as a professional

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In professional life, we go through different job experiences. There are three main kinds of it. You may hate your job and the salary as well. Or, you may not hate your job that much, but hate your salary. It may also happen that you like your job but hate your salary. Else, you may be a unicorn. Love your job and the salary, both. OK. There is another kind. One who is OK with his work and salary.

I am the last kind. I reached this point recently. As a professional, we all have three goals. One goal is…

Rahuldeb Das, Ph. D

enthusiast of data science and artificial intelligence, writer of his own knowledge and experience, aspirant of personal growth, curious about human life

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